Theradyn Explorers and Adventurers Guild

This once well-known and respected guildhall has fallen into disrepair and ignominy due mostly to lack of membership and a few disastrous missions headed by former guild members.

At it’s height, the guild had dozens of members, well respected for their work in the area holding back the goblin incursions from the Caspan Range and righting wrongs of all sorts in the area.

At present, the guild is run by Fallon.

With Fallon at it’s head and the small, rather successful group of adventurers fighting under it’s banner, the guild has regained a measure of it’s former respectability.

The guild’s roster of current members includes:

In the Guild Stables:

  • Eugene – Donkey bought by Fallon to serve as a draft animal.
  • Lightning – A withered old nag bought by Fallon to serve as a draft animal.
  • Ter’Aquinn – This proud black charger once belonged to Adarra, as of late she has borne Kondo into battle.
  • Maeve – Mariss bought this friendly dappled grey in Droma village, and she has served her well since then.
  • Speedy – This skittish white horse once belonged to Mo the Grand.
  • Sam – Brutus’ shaggy brown pony with mismatched eyes. They are devoted to each other.

Theradyn Explorers and Adventurers Guild

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