A small city along the ancient Copper Road built on the ruins of the village of Wayside. It is named for the martyr Theras.

Theradyn was a prosperous trade city for many years, until the destruction of Faradrim and the formation of the Cinderlands obviated it’s purpose as a convenient resting point for caravans between Faradrim and Vellis.

The city shrank in on itself, becoming self sufficient, though remaining a trade center for the smaller surrounding villages of Droma, Arbrinn, and Calavasas.

Rumors of war in the north at Balin’s Watch have driven many refugees southward from Vellis and beyond, along the forgotten Copper Road, forcing the city to grow once again.

Home to the once illustrious Theradyn Explorers and Adventurers Guild currently headed by the elderly ranger, Jaervis Fallon.


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