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Theradyn, Droma, Passwall, Calavasas, Arbrinn, Cinderlands, Faradrim, Balin’s Watch, Vohun Sea, Rione, Vellis, Kahpra, Whitewood Forest, Whitewood Monastery, Northwatch Garrison, Copper Road, Caspan Range.


Theradyn Explorers and Adventurers Guild, Order of the White Wyvern, Gideon’s Harriers, Faradrim Hand.


NPCs, Villains, Bestiary.

A Brief History

Many hundreds of years ago, a traveling monk established a small roadside shrine dedicated to Fharlanghn along the Copper Road, between the western city of Faradrim and the great northern trade city of Vellis. Situated in a fertile valley at roughly the midpoint between the two great cities, the shrine became a favorite resting place for pilgrims, merchant caravans, and travelers of all types. In time, a small settlement took root around the shrine, and the town of Wayside was founded.

The small town thrived, prospering from the steady stream of travelers along the Copper Road. In time, however the growing town attracted the attention of a feral and warlike band of goblins living in the foothills of the Caspan Range to the north. Wayside was almost entirely defenseless, secure in their idyllic seclusion. In the dead of a long winter, the goblins, driven by hunger, flooded from their warrens in the hills and razed the small village to the ground, killing every man, woman, and child.

The following spring, a young paladin of Heironeous named Theras led a group of warriors into the goblin warrens to the north, after word reached Vellis of Wayside’s destruction. The great battle purged the foothills of the goblin tribe, but Theras was badly wounded and died soon afterwards. He was interred in a great tomb in the center of the Wayside ruins, and a small chapel of Heironeous was erected around the crypt.

Once again, travelers began to stop at the small chapel to rest and trade. The prior of the small chapel encouraged settlers by ordering the construction of a high, strong wall, built with stone mined from the abandoned goblin warrens in the northern hills. The new town was named Theradyn, in honor of the young martyr. Time passed, and Theradyn prospered, as Wayside had before.

Roughly two hundred years ago, the great western city of Faradrim was destroyed in a bizarre catastrophe, a rain of stone and fire that turned the city itself and the many miles of lush farmland and forest surrounding it into a barren, crater-scarred desert of ash, now called the Cinderlands. The Copper Road, once a bustling conduit of trade goods, carried fewer and fewer travelers to the small town of Theradyn. The town drew in on itself, shrinking within it’s walls to the point that it could sustain itself without much outside trade. The town became more and more insular, few strangers visited Theradyn. Life carried on in the small town, though at it’s own, peculiar pace. Time seemed to slow down for it’s inhabitants, the rest of the world slowly passing it by.

Now, war brews in the north, dark whispers of armies of unspeakable monstrosities marching on the city of Balin’s Watch, and a mad regent declaring martial law within the once proud and free city of Vellis. Refugees flood southward, along forgotten roads, seeking to distance themselves from the gathering darkness. The cursed lands to the south hold their own secrets, and there are those who seek to awaken the forgotten evil that wiped Faradrim from the maps. Theradyn is growing again, though less willingly this time. The town has swelled beyond it’s old, stone walls, mazes of semi-permanent wooden buildings cropping up almost overnight. The small marketplace in the town square, until recently a sedate affair, where local farmers met to trade produce, is now a bustling bazaar, filled with voices chattering in a dozen languages. Theradyn is a town in the midst of great upheaval and change, it’s quiet, isolated existence invaded by many hundreds of unwelcome outsiders, forcing it to again become part of the greater world, with all the dangers that entails.

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