Soft-spoken and taciturn, this genasi proved herself a stalwart companion and dependable warrior. One of the founding members of this iteration of the Theradyn Explorers and Adventurers Guild, Adarra was there when the party was tricked by Brogan Lassiter into awakening Mordan.

Adarra was present at the cleansing of the Whitewood Monastery, the assault on MacElroy’s fortress, the evacuation of Droma village, and the exploration of the Passwall ruins.

Adarra once cut the legs off of a charging horse with a single swipe of her necrotic scimitar, much to her psyche-scarring horror.

Adarra was tragically lost when, deep below the Caspan Range, the party encountered an ancient aboleth in an underground lake. Battered and wounded from fighting through the goblin warrens above, Adarra’s will failed and her mind was dominated by the aboleth’s foul magic. As the berserk warrior attacked Brutus Balzak and Garran Mucksweep, Mariss Druustya made the decision to put her down.

Mariss Druustya’ arrow gravely wounded Adarra, knocking her unconscious and taking her to the brink of death. As the aboleth fell, it’s flailing, tree-trunk thick tentacles crushed Adarra’s bleeding body beyond recognition.

Mariss: “See! I told you I didn’t kill her!”

Mariss: “Dibs on her sword!”

Her body was burned on the shores of the small island where she fell, deep below the ice fringed peaks of the Caspan Range.


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