...a man, draped in a grey cloak like the watchmen above, his hand resting casually on the hilt of a longsword at his hip. His reddish brown hair is cropped close to his head, and his full beard is coppery red in the sunlight. Something in the shape of his vivid gold-green eyes, depth of his cheekbones, or subtle peak to his ears hints at a trace of elven blood. A moment passes, and the man nods slightly to you. “I apologize for my manners, we rarely see visitors. My name is Rukh Kelstinas, Captain of the fort in which you find yourself, Northwatch. What brings you so deep into the Whitewood, if I may ask?”

Rukh Kelstinas rose through the ranks of the Theradyn City Guard quickly, and became known as a talented warrior and leader. He was therefor almost immediately relegated to command of the nearly forgotten Northwatch Garrison by Dorsan Redbeard, who saw in the young half-elf a significant threat to his position.

Rukh offered aid to the party on several occasions, giving them shelter and supplies whenever they entered the Whitewood Forest.

Rukh was later captured by the vicious goblin tribe living in the foothills of the Caspan Range and was rescued by the party.

He lent his support and the resources of the Northwatch garrison in the party’s attack on Theradyn in their attempt to unseat Brogan Lassiter.

Rukh was deservedly promoted to Captain of the City Guard by Erol Iverness following Theradyn’s liberation.


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