Called the ‘Jewel of the Vohun’, this great city sits at the western edge of the Vohun Rim, a center for trade, artistry, and culture for hundreds of miles in every direction.

The city is broken into several districts, known as the Mud, Glass, Brick, and Iron Districts.

The Mud District houses the city’s docks and warehouses, and the homes of the city’s lower class citizens. Pawn shops, bars, and brothels line the narrow streets – catering to the sailors and travelling mercenaries that make up the majority of the District’s visitors. The Mudders, as those living within the district are called, are under the protection of Rione’s powerful thieve’s guild.

The Glass district holds the noble estates and palace, along with the highest tier of artisans. The Iron district houses the city’s factories and metalworkers, and the Brick district holds the majority of the city’s craftsmen and guildhalls.

Rione is the home city of Garran Mucksweep.


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