Order of the White Wyvern

“There was another order, however, a force for good in the rotten heart of that city, forced to work in secret against Mordan and his dark council. They were called the Order of the White Wyvern.

Can you imagine a time like that? Where evil walks the streets in broad daylight, openly, and without shame, and the virtuous skulk in alleyways and darkness?”

This ancient order existed in opposition to Mordan and his council during the final days of Faradrim. Forced to operate from the shadows, their meeting places are hidden throughout the ruined villages of the Cinderlands and the city of Faradrim itself.

The party was led to one of these hidden meeting halls within the ruins of Passwall by Deego. Within they found a ledger telling of the last days of the Order before the cataclysm that destroyed the city. When Garran touched the book he was struck by a strange magical warding trap that sent him into a seizure of sorts. The guardian spirit of the book, once convinced that he was not an agent of Mordan, granted him the ability to read and speak the forgotten language of Faradrim and urged him to use that gift of knowledge to finally defeat Mordan.

Order of the White Wyvern

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