Nephren Ka

“Seated on a stone chair in the center of the room is a man with sunken cheeks and deathly pale skin. He raises his chin from his chest and you can see that his lips and eyes have long since rotted away, leaving him with a terrible permanent grin. Baleful intelligence burns from the dark sockets of his eyes as he stares at you. His voice comes in a rattling rasp, that makes you think of stones against dead leaves. “Have you come to offer your lives to Nephren Ka? I would find this sacrifice pleasing.”.

A demi-lich confronted by the party in the depths of the Whitewood Monastery crypts.

A journal found within the crypts revealed that the creature was once abbot of the small monastery, driven mad by a strange tome of dark knowledge bought from a trader in Faradrim antiquities.

The book was taken by the party, and it’s bits and pieces of painstakingly translated incantations have served as a Rosetta stone of sorts, aiding in the translation of the Mordan Stone.

Nephren Ka

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