Mo the Grand

A young dwarven dragon shaman from the Ettinspine Mountains near Balin’s Watch, Mo proved himself a powerful warrior and a fine companion – though with a penchant for unpredictable drunken shenanigans. With Mo’s help, the party fought their way through the cursed Whitewood Monastery, the bandit king MacElroy’s fortress, and the ruins of Passwall.

Mo cautioned the other party members during the purging of the monastery’s crypts that a skeleton was still dangerous after it’s lower jaw has been shattered, due to ‘beavering’.

Mo was present during the awakening of Mordan, and the evacuation of Droma.

Mo claimed to be amphibious to fire, and to possess the ability to eat both meat AND grass. He could climb on walls like a drunken spider, and would occasionally vomit acid onto the unwary.

While escaping from Brogan Lassiter’s hunters outside of Theradyn, a weary and battered Mo was knocked down by a spearman on horseback and entangled by a net, and as he tried to regain his footing, was savaged by a pack of vicious warhounds.

His wounds, unfortunately, proved beyond even the healing skill of fellow guild member and drinking companion Brutus Balzak, and he drowned in his own blood.

His body was burned on a pyre at the edge of the Whitewood Forest.

Mo the Grand

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