Self-proclaimed Bandit King of the Southern Whitewood, Anders MacElroy had set up a fairly successful enterprise preying on travelers on the Bridge Road south of Theradyn. He had even begun construction of a fortress of sorts, carved into a cliff face south of the city, expanding on a series of natural caverns. He gathered several dozen like-minded individuals to his cause, creating a force to be reckoned with.

MacElroy ran afoul of the Theradyn Explorers and Adventurers Guild when they were hired by Constable Vassili to root out the source of the attacks along the Bridge Road.

MacElroy had unwittingly come into possession of the Mordan Stone when his bandits attacked a courier in the employ of the Faradrim Hand en route to Theradyn.

MacElroy was killed when attempting to flee from the party after failing to bribe them to spare his life. Mo crushed his head like a piƱata with his mace.

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