Gideon's Harriers

The famous privateer captain Gideon was renowned for always keeping a group of capable adventurers aboard his ship, the Grey Lady, to handle the dangers of the Vohun Sea and to allow him the flexibility to accept contracts beyond the reach of a given group of sailors.

These groups were were known as Gideon’s Harriers, and tales of their exploits are told in taverns from Rione to Kahpra.

Gideon’s last group of Harriers, and the most famous by far, are the subject of many bardic ballads. They still fight under Gideon’s banner, though the Captain himself went down with his ship in the Bay of Gulls, due to an explosion of unknown origin.

Rumors currently hold that the Harriers have recently bought the service of nearly every mercenary group of worth along the Vohun Rim and lead them north to Balin’s Watch to confront the evil that troubles the great city.

The current group of Harriers includes :

Zende Modongo – the black orc warlord, chieftain of Clan Modongo, and leader of the Harriers.

Dracht’Cha – A Thri Kreen druid of incredible power.

Rhona Shinsplitter – A bloodsoaked halfling barbarian said to carry the curse of lycanthropy.

Gideon's Harriers

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