You see a skinny, sickly looking goblin, draped in a mottled, poorly cured hide, cinched with a wide leather belt jingling with silver rings. Tightly gripped in his small hands is a heavy iron banded cudgel, his knobby knuckles white with strain.

Deego is a young goblin that the party encountered in the ruins of Passwall, the only survivor of an attack by Cinderwights and Lantern Jacks. He led the party, after being bribed with food, through the sewers to a hidden entrance into a collapsed building’s cellar, an ancient meeting place for the Order of the White Wyvern.

Deego proved himself rather intelligent and adept with machines, and with Garran Mucksweep’s help, used a strange steam-powered catapult built by his father to aid the party in driving off another horde of Mordan’s forces.

The party left him in the Passwall ruins, the sole survivor and default king of the southern goblin tribes.


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