Brogan Lassiter

A member of Theradyn’s High Council, Brogan nurtured a lifelong fascination with Faradrim and Cinderlands lore. It is unknown at what point his research lead him down a darker path, but it seems as though he gained some association with the Faradrim Hand, leading him to play a pivotal role in the resurrection of Mordan.

Lassiter tricked the party into awakening Mordan by replacing his phylactery, the Mordan Stone, back into his tomb on a golden cradle designed for the purpose.

Lassiter declared the party outlaws and traitors, and along with his cronies Dorsan Redbeard and Merridan Orvid, placed Theradyn under martial law.

Lassiter was killed and decapitated during the liberation of Theradyn by members of the Theradyn Explorers and Adventurers Guild when they stormed his manor in the city’s noble district.

Brogan Lassiter

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