The Story So Far... Pt. I

An attempt to summarize over a year of Tuesdays.

Our story began when three of our characters, Garran, Mariss, and Adarra signed on as caravan guards with a spice merchant in the great southern city of Rione, bound for an outpost township called Theradyn.

Once within the city, their contracts completed, the small group of young adventurers explored the town, meeting Fallon, the master of the almost entirely defunct local adventurer’s guildhall. They agreed to join the foundering guild, signing the dusty charter that hadn’t seen an entry in over ten years. They set to work immediately establishing themselves within the town, joining other local craftsman’s guilds to practice their trades and build ties within the wary, close-knit community.

At Fallon’s urging, they set out into the forest north of Theradyn, towards the abandoned Whitewood Monastery, seeking a chance to test their skills. In the forest they fought several kobolds and goblins, along with several shambling undead. They also met Captain Rukh Kelstinas of the Northwatch Garrison. Captain Rukh offered them shelter and supplies, cautioning them of the dangers within the forest. He also offered them a bounty on any goblin scalps they could collect, as he believed the goblins to be a far greater threat than anything else in the Whitewood Forest.

They explored the ruined surface structures of the monastery, and ventured into the natural cave system below, battling through kobold warriors and devious traps. Within the kobold caverns they discovered an ally, Mo the Grand, a young dwarf treasure-seeker captured by the kobolds while looting the monastery’s upper floors. Grateful to the party for releasing him and eager for a little vengeance, Mo took up his mace and joined them. As they reached the end of the kobold warren, they met Vigosh, the crippled and half-blind kobold elder that begged them to spare the remaining kobolds lives and offered to reward them if they would aid him in ending the true threat within the monastery ruins – the undead rising from the long abandoned crypts.

The party agreed, after some debate, and after Vigosh promised to reward them with many ‘shinies’. The kobold elder gave them a key that unlocked the passage deeper into the monastery ruins and the crypts beneath. They battled through skeletons, zombies, several ghouls, and two ancient bone golems in their quest to find the source of the evil. Eventually, they came upon the resting place of a weakened and insane demi-lich who called himself Nephren Ka. After defeating him, they discovered his ancient journal, which told of his gradual decline from pious abbot to raving insane death-priest, due almost entirely to his exposure to a strange book bought from a trader said to have once belonged to the dread king of Faradrim, Mordan. They kept the book, recieved their reward from a grateful Vigosh, and returned home to Theradyn.



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